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Hotel Uniforms Supplier

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Hotel uniforms form an important part of the professionalism and welcoming feeling for guests and visitors in the hospitality businesses, especially in Dubai. A large and reputable hotel has several departments based on dozens of employees with different duties. Not only does this personnel require easy identification; it also gives the hotel a unique identity.

Designtex, a leading hotel uniform supplier in Dubai, offers a wide range of custom designs to build your brand, and put in place your employee attire initiative. We offer uniforms that will easily suit the core duties of hotel and hospitality employees, from those seeking a formal appearance, such as front desk attendants, to people performing labor duties and maintenance on the site.

Range of Hotels Uniforms

Jacket Suit for Front Desk Staff

Jacket & Suit for Front Desk Staff

The standard neat and formal look for front desk personnel.

Waist Coat for Concierge

Waist Coat for Concierge

Waistcoats for the concierge to make them easily identifiable.

Trousers & Pants for Security Staff

Durable materials and standard solid colors for security personnel.

Hotel Delivery Staff Chef Cap

Delivery Staff Chef Cap Hat

A personalized and complete look for the delivery staff using hats.

Chef Jacket Food Beverage Staff

Chef Jacket for Food & Beverage Staff

Jackets for kitchen and serving staff for a culinary appearance.

other accessories

Other Accessories

Wide range of accessories to go with hotel duties and uniform.

Specification for Chef Uniforms


We offer an exclusive range of hotel uniforms in Dubai and in various fabrics including polyester and cotton.


Given the range of styles used by hotels in Dubai, you can choose from a wide range of colors to suit various styles.


We provide both ready-made and bespoke sizes, ensuring your employees the perfect fit.


As one of the most reputable hotel uniform suppliers in Dubai, we ensure to use appropriate packaging for all your uniforms.


Depends on the quantity of the order and material used

Minimum order quantity

As per your requirement

How We Work


Choose from the range of uniforms we offer, or tell us about your own design and specifications.


We finalize the design, fabrics, other details and terms.

Fitting & Delivery

As professionals in Dubai, we are fully committed to making sure that the quality of branding and your uniforms or clothes are of the best quality.

Client Testimonials

Having several departments in the hotel means having to go to multiple uniform retailers to get everything you need. Thankfully, this place had the resources to take on big orders and deliver when it suited me. – Asim Jaffar

The brand image is one of the most important elements for hotel attire, especially with color combinations and logos. For this you need a high level of customizability for your uniforms, which this company offers. – Janita Jahangir