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Restaurant Chef Uniforms

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Working long hours in the heat of a large kitchen, with several different utensils, around many people, and ingredients that require careful handling is hard in itself. In situations like these, chefs need clothing that not only keeps them comfortable for the length of their work, but also provides the required level of style and color.

Our chef uniforms have been designed to give them exactly this, and more. With custom and easily accessible laces and handy pockets, they combine ease of use with versatility.

The uniforms for restaurants range we offer gives you style, along with the ability to wash out all those stubborn stains, and be durable, so that steamy kitchen does the least damage.

Range of Uniforms for Restaurants

Chef Jacket Servers Uniforms

Chef Jacket Servers Uniforms

Put custom logos on the clothing worn by the waiters and waitresses.

Waiter & Waitress Shirts

Clean and crisp solid colors shirts for a professional appearance.

Dishwasher Cleaners Trousers Pants

Dishwasher Cleaners Trousers & Pants

High quality and easily washed materials for dishwasher clothing.

Dishwasher Cleaners Trousers Pants

Kitchen Staffs Aprons

Keep the stains and food particles away with multi-purpose aprons for the kitchen.

Delivery Staff Chef Cap Hat

Delivery Staff Chef Cap Hat

A personalized and complete look for the delivery staff using hats.

Cashier Corporate Suit

Full suits that give the cashiers a welcoming and smart look for interactioabhin with guests.

Blazer for chef

Blazer/Skirts /Neck Tie / Scarf

Multiple types of accessories to personalize the dress and add style.

Specification for Chef Uniforms


Polyester, cotton or as per your requirement


As per your requirement


As per your requirement


Standard packing used


Depends on the quantity of the order and amount of material used

Minimum order quantity

As per your requirement

How we work


Choose from our large range of apparel and accessories, or send us your own design and specifications.


We will finalize the design, fabrics, other details and terms

Fitting & Delivery

We take full responsibility to make the branding of your uniforms and clothing is of the highest quality, and delivered as agreed.

Client Testimonials

The dress for chefs needs to have several different qualities, including the ability to wash out stains, resistance to heat, and easy movement and breathability. Found all these in a simple package at your company. – Rakesh

The company has a number of accessories and customizability options for chef and restaurant apparel, giving owners the chance to add style and a unique dressing combination for their workers. – Roheit